Marketing is not an advertising flyer

Marketing isn´t the advertising flyers inside the mailbox

The word marketing, doesn’t mean a flyer inside the mailbox full about characters and pictures which also promises us, a solution for our daily problems. Apparently, a lot of people hate this word because misunderstation. The meaning of Marketing is related with making renowned products or businesses in the daily market. So that, it is a way for growing businesses. We, to accomplish this grown, we need to make a great work. For example: environment annalyzes, own business analyse, take information about direct competitors, as well as, take a lot of decisions.

In the Ekarri, we offers projects of marketing, and, also we offer project for a business improvement. We do works of marketing digital, because, in our opinion, it is actually a very important thing for businesses.

By Gaizka Ocio Alonso

Marketing isn't an advertising flyer inside a mailbox
Marketing isn’t an advertising flyer