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An optimized Web development improves your internet ranking

In the Ekarri Marketing Vitoria we are dedicated to do an optimized web development to get a better ranking in the internet searches. We are specialist in the creation of internet pages by a specific web development. This web development follows a set of guidelines with the purpose to get, a privileged ranking, to the top of the roster of the internet search engine. Our web development, is to create from the beginning a best considered web page by the internet search engines.
The increase of the usage of internet for the last ten years has been unstoppable, especially the last years because the success of the ‘smart phone’. An event that does indisputable, so using the marketing on the internet would be a successful option, for our business development.

If we mind about the marketing oriented towards using the digital communication via, that it means, minding The digital marketing; or example, services of advertisement in the internet social networks, advertisement in other sites on the internet, advertisement for a better ranking on the internet search engines, etc. In the Ekarri marketing Vitoria, we think about the legitimate page ranking is the main and the most important of the digital marketing, and it is got by a ‘ good done ‘ web development, so, an optimized web development. For that goal, we must have in mind some of technical values and factors on the web development. For example, factors that range from a simple description (meta – description) to the usage of a compressed format, for multimedia content archives (JPEG); also, the usage in compression of ‘ JavaScript ‘ programming language. In this way, we will get a web page with a more responsive behaviour, so our page will be loaded faster.

In my opinion, about the digital marketing using the advertisement on the internet search engine or on the internet social network, it seems a cheap way, but this practice has a relative success and they are for a short lapse of time, because they are on-line only for the contracting service duration. So, they are successful ideas to help our web page real ranking. A web ranking that has been got by an optimized web development.

Ekarri marketing Vitoria offers a web development and web design very interesting with the purpose to get a page in the correct way, to be processed by the internet servers, which obviously they will reward to us giving a better ranking for our web page than the other web pages with a similar content. In the Ekarri marketing Vitoria, we offer a web design, so, a product because a well done web development.

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