Distribution and sale of ecological food and products from the countryside

We offer SALE AND DISTRIBUTION of ORGANIC PRODUCTS from the countryside

Ekarri offers to its customers, which are producers from the countryside, a direct connection between their products and their daily customers. Also, getting our distribution, our customers will be rewarded with other potential customers from many different populated points. This means that customers who might be interested inincreasing their customers’ agenda, won’t hesitate about contracting our distribution service. The real reason that demonstrates the previously mentioned concept, is not other that the fact that our dedication to a presonalized  distribution of ecological food and other countryside products is for us foremost. So, that is the reason why our service is not a simple approach to the last user of the product. Our distribution offers products in other markets in the region, it also supplies to the other city center near Vitoria – Gasteiz, as well as Alava and other city centers of the Basque country and its adjacent provinces.


As well as a distribution service for products coming from the countryside producers, we offer our own products to other customers of the food sector and / or sale of organic food and organic products from the countryside. To summarise, Ekarri offers its own products of organic food from the country side to any business which would be interested to offer this type of food products as a daily option. That’s the way of amplifying its offering and getting the attention of different customers in its department. For example: Offering a natural blueberry jam in your business, we would be opening our door to other customers who need a specific diet with dietetic products, as diabetic consumers or obsessed consumers.


We offer to our customers of the countryside, who are dedicated to any type of manufacturing work, given that it is a part of our initiative, doing a nearness of their products to their own customers improving their services and increasing their earnings. Our offering in other markets will provoke the early acquisition of a new customer agenda.