Marketing is not an advertising flyer

Marketing isn´t the advertising flyers inside the mailbox

The word marketing, doesn’t mean a flyer inside the mailbox full about characters and pictures which also promises us, a solution for our daily problems. Apparently, a lot of people hate this word because misunderstation. The meaning of Marketing is related with making renowned products or businesses in the daily market. So that, it is a way for growing businesses. We, to accomplish this grown, we need to make a great work. For example: environment annalyzes, own business analyse, take information about direct competitors, as well as, take a lot of decisions.

In the Ekarri, we offers projects of marketing, and, also we offer project for a business improvement. We do works of marketing digital, because, in our opinion, it is actually a very important thing for businesses.

By Gaizka Ocio Alonso

Marketing isn't an advertising flyer inside a mailbox
Marketing isn’t an advertising flyer

A forum for comparison between products and comparison between services

EKARRI have created a forum for comparison between products and services by Ekarri int.

We have created a Forum. There, we, the consumers can get comparative between products, or comparison between services. These comparatives, are redactions got because the experience of the users of the forum. The forum of the EKARRI has been created for the consumer will gain more success capacity when they are going to choose: buying a product or contracting a service. So, the EKARRI forum will get more efficiency, we need to be, a lot of users! you all are invited!
Inside this forum we can distance: its Yu-GI-Oh! Forum for the Konaimi factory’s strategy card game. Also, web design + web development forum for debating about the creation of the internet web pages.

EKARRI forums presents
comparison products and services picture of Ekarri forum

Web devolpment following ‘the perfect logic’

A logical web Development and design, to get an optimized positioning on the internet.   By GOA

Like Ekarri blog followers would possibly know, the main theme of our ‘blog’ is to get an optimized design of a web page. This, will be the product of web development previously defined.

     It is more than evident that each web page is different. Because that matter, we must find the perfect logic for each web page. Beside to set an order for our web content, define an aspect even with our social environment and include an original content on our internet domain, also, we must analyze every aspect about our web page.
Because these aspects (objects), beside of carácter each page on the internet, These aspects give us the keys to find the perfect logic for our web site.

    For example, for a web development in Vitoria – Gasteiz,  when we are going to design our web page, we must dedicate our first impulse to know our potential customers. So, we must know our potential competitors. Also, having in mind our potential customers, we could define on one side; our business aspect and image, a sympathising web site content, or an interesting web site content. Also, we could define, how to do a marketing strategy directed to us. On the other side, we will know about the competency done by the main competitor for our business in the global network of the internet. So, we could realize our web site, caring about the technical aspects, with the purpose of competing with all of them; after optimizing our website in a direct and easy way, thanks to we have found the perfect logic.
As mentioned previously in other articles, it is clear that, a web site must care its design. Because it must reflect, the personality of each entity about that project. 

Web design following 'the perect logic'
Web design following the perfect logic