Marketing Vitoria , for the countryside.

EKARRI – Marketing in Vitoria for business of Alava and each other adjacent province

the Ekarri – Ekarri marketing Vitoria is an enterprise dedicated to improving the small and middle business in the province of Alava, Basque Country and each other adjacent province. We offer marketing services in Vitoria, also we offer other services for the business optimization of the total rural area from Alava.
We are dedicated to doing marketing with the purpose to impulse small and middle business of any character and we create new projects for new business and ‘ freelance business ‘. First, we offer a marketing strategy directed to the presence in the public network of internet and internet social networks. Then, we suggest for other commercial marketing strategy considering the difference of each customer. This strategy will be to complement our offered business projects for the contracting business as customers of the Ekarri – Ekarri marketing Vitoria. As a commentary and for example we offer professional services associated with technology, delivery, design and advertisement…..

Importance and profits, because a well done marketing

It has been demonstrated the importance of a strategy of marketing in the direction of a business. The competitiveness of a business is increased when it is settled and it gains appreciation in the daily market. It’s a matter of time that the business with a good marketing strategy getting the target of increasing the number of customers. That’s the way for profit the necessary impulse inside of an overwhelmed market by the competence, so, we get the business consolidation.
In recent years, an unstoppable increase of a domestic or social usage of the internet, was reflected in the reports of the statistics national institute. So, as a result of it, the marketing orientation towards the public internet network and internet social networks is presently a successful investment, while it is carrying out correctly and without leaving the maintenance of that investment. Therefore, the Ekarri – Ekarri marketing Vitoria knows that the marketing work could be a big effort for a small business, so, it could be an impossible additional activity to carry out independently at many times.
So that’s why , We, the members of the Ekarri are ready to carry out that work instead of you, thus you could be dedicated exclusively to your business. Also, we offer to you a budget only for the services that you need because we know about its high cost in the real market. So, we don’t want to add any unnecessary cost to your project. We have experience in marketing and direction of different business of Vitoria and the province of Alava. They are very different business in a comparative analysis, and all of them got a great impulse because a strategy of digital marketing that it after was complemented with another more common commercial marketing strategy.

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