Web development for the creation of a web page

    Web development in Vitoria – Gasteiz for the creation of new web pages.

We offer services for developing web pages in the Ekarri company. The web developing service will be worked in cooperation with the Digital Ekarri group company and concretely, with a computer solutions company called as Goaltech ( http://www.goaltech.ekarri.es), so they would complete the maintenance service too.

The web development is composed basically in two parts: First, the part of computerizing or codifying, what is worked using the most recent version of HTML because the new version is better accepted as normally by the internet ‘ spiders ‘ or ‘ explorers ‘. Also are used, other languages for computerizing such as ‘ PHP ‘or ‘ JavaScript ‘. Such as Second part , the Design; what is a hardworking exercise because it needs much time for realizing the design part of a web development, for a page in the internet. This part will start deciding the structure of a graphic project, after, it will be detailed every element or object of the mentioned project. Also, for defining all of the objects of the new web page are used tools or computer programs for the graphic design such as ‘ Photoshop ‘, ‘ Fireworks ‘ or ‘ Gimp ‘.

In the Ekarri company ( in Vitoria ), we could develop new web pages in the way as our customers need.
We could create the web page using a HTML new code for a new total page, so totally agree with the needs of our customers. In spite of that, we could start up a new project of a web page using templates built in HTML code. That code is generated by special modules which are created in PHP language of computer programming. Those, are known as ‘Smarty’ templates.

The usage of ‘ Smarty ‘ templates gives us many ease when we have to manage or make changes of content in our web page. So, at the time to manage our web page content we have a better and more dynamic system. Because in a web page built with a ‘ Smarty ‘ template if we changed any picture or text content that we have uploaded to the internet server, we could change it very easily thanks to a management module that is included in, for its perfect administration. This module has a graphical environment so directly and in ‘on-line’ way ease that changes or modifications immediately. Also, this kind of templates included the possibility to add many other different smart modules, what offers many functionalities, such for example a module to use as a shopping cart, or ‘ payment walkway ‘ for credit cards. Clearly, using ‘ Smarty ‘ templates accelerates the developing process of the web page or internet page, so the final cost of the product will be cheaper.

It seems concretely an improve the usage of the ‘ Smarty ‘ templates, but somebody still prefer a more personal web development for their own web page. The reason is, so in that way, I mean, without the usage of ‘ Smarty ‘ templates, we haven’t any dependency problems with an external development team which promises us updates for the ‘ Smarty ‘ modules and templates. But at many times, the promised updates are late and many other times, those modules are left to develop for ever.

In the Ekarri company, we promise to adapt to our clients needs for their own web page development. In the design part as much as the codify part, we offer versatility for the taste of our customers. Contact us for more information and don’t be worried about it, you could mail us to ekarri@ekarri.es or call to the customer attention number. by Ekarri int.

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